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My first Short 3d film

2010-07-25 04:49:30 by kreeslak


We spent 5months in an intensive 3d anim course
Then we did a 3months work to chek the possibilities of
this new rig the PSL-man available for the coming students.
(wich is indeed quite a short time for being the first one)

It all started like a simple exercice but grew quite a lot
hope you enjoy it.

Chek my "like" videos on vimeo there are awesome aniamtion stuff by international artists.

My first Short 3d film

Kaorishe Institute: Reloaded

2010-07-11 19:48:40 by kreeslak

Due to studies in 3d aniamtion i left aside this half done project.
Now after learing many many things including in visual narrative
i've decided to finish this 2d project, as a printed comic or as
a digital enchanced comic with microaniamtions to give an extra
push to the web versiĆ³n of it.

It will be totally non profitable project, but hell fun to do, maybe prints can be free
in the next Manga Convention in Barcelona. that would rock. Spread the Joy!


Chek the Official Blog (still SPANISH) but with cool drawings still

hope you like it

Kaorishe Institute: Reloaded

Borderlands 2: Characters

2010-02-09 14:25:57 by kreeslak

I'ts been some time since i drew a character i thought that would fit in the borderlands series. Them some other characters poped to fill the 4 classes of borderlands main characters. I encourage other artists to think about it, and if you think you would enjoy making such a gallery or flash anim collab tell me.

I've jsut uploaded to youtube this simplequik presentation of my proposed characters. They are a bit out of model even between them but i just have no time to do a PRO job for free. So evrybody, any style or skill level please feel cool to join this proposal.

Maybe we can help getting a BAZILION character designs.


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Borderlands 2: Characters

First artwork submited

2010-01-05 12:17:07 by kreeslak

I just decided to post some of my artwork, since i've been commenting some of the portal's art submissions, so you can be criticwith me now.

See ya!

First artwork submited